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How to Choose Your Football Ball?


KIPSTA offers a full range of balls to suit all types of football from casual kick abouts to

11-a-side training and matches, as well as futstal and 5-a-side. But which ball is the best

for your type of football?

Our Football Brand

Decathlon's football brand offers you useful advices for your football


At KIPSTA, we have four types of balls:

1. Casual Football

To Play On Grass

For playing on grass, you will need an intro ball which maintains its

shape and has a good bounce quality while you play.

For Playing On Grass And Sand

For playing on grass and sand, you will need a comfortable, lighter ball

that is less painful to kick in bare feet.

For Playing On All Other Surfaces

For playing on any other surface, you will need a highly durable ball

made of rubber material.

2. 11-A-Side (Training And Matches)

For 11-a- side football (football academies), we recommend choosing a

durable ball with a butyl bladder to guarantee the ball maintains its

shape and rebound quality.

The ball panels may feature different stitching (handstitching, machine stitching,

thermobinding) which also help the ball maintain its round shape and resistance.

All KIPSTA 11-a-side balls are put through a 7-stage protocol approval test (weight –

sphericity – circumference – pressure loss – water absorption – consistent rebound) to

guarantee optimal quality.

Finally, there are different ball sizes to choose from: for the smallest players, choose a size

1 or size 3 ball (lighter and more manageable for kids). For children under 8, choose a size

4 ball, for children ages 8 to 12 a size 4, and a ball size 5 for children over 12 years. The

ball size is written on the ball.


For Beginners And Occasional Play

If you're just starting out and play occasionally, you need a durable ball.

We recommend a machine stitched ball (this type of ball maintains its

shape and rebound quality during play).

For Training And Regular Players

If you do regular training and matches, you need a durable ball that will

stay well inflated and provide extra playing comfort. For this we

recommend a ball from the HYBRID range. This type of ball features a

revolutionary hybrid construction, with hidden stitching on the inside of

the ball for extra durability and added foam that provides extra playing


For Weekly Matches

If you play matches on a weekly basis, you need a durable ball that will

maintain its shape and provide optimal playing precision (balls that

comply with FIFA standards). For this we recommend a thermobound

football. The ball's structure gives it a perfect round shape and excellent

water-resistant qualities, while it's textured material provides optimal


3. Futsal & 5-A-Side


For futsal, we recommend a heavier size 4 ball with a lower rebound. This ball will have a

controlled bounce.

5-A- Side

For playing 5-a-side on a synthetic turf surface, we recommend a ball with a semicontrolled bounce.

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