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Warranty Policy

An Extended Warranty Policy for Electrical and Mechanical Physical Training Devices (treadmills, exercise bicycles, watches)

The list of products included in the warranty: see here

This list is updated from time to time and the company may add or remove products from ths list at any time according to the range of products being offered for sale in the brand's stores. For inquiries, please contact our customer service at any time.

The company will provide an extended warranty for such products only pursuant to applicable law and pursuant to the Consumer Protection Regulations (post-sale warranty and service), 5766-2006 (hereinafter: the “Service and Warranty Regulations”) and as set forth in the terms and conditions as follows: to download the warranty certificate in Hebrew, download in English, download in Arabic.

Bicycles warranty and service policy

The company will provide to its customers warranty from the purchase date or from the date of receiving the products (according to the later between them) for life only for the following parts: frames (excluding carbon), rigid forks (forks without suspension), the handlebar (excluding carbon) that are adjusted to the B’TWIN brand bicycle.

The company offers its customers warranty for a period of two years that applies to other spare parts.

In the framework of such warranty, the company is offering to replace the frame, the rigid fork to the handlebar with an equivalent device or its repair within a reasonable period of time after its presentation at the bicycle workshop at the chain stores. It is noted that the transportation and travel costs remain under the responsibility of the customer.

Nevertheless, this undertaking will not apply in the event of deficient maintenance, negligence in use or abuse of the bicycle as defined in the user manual of the product.

In order to enjoy the warranty for one of the parts mentioned herein above, a club membership card or proof of purchase must be presented.

The company reserves the right to check whether all the terms and conditions of the warranty were fulfilled and to implement all the means necessary for such check.

The warranty will not apply to parts that are under natural wear and tear - tires and tubes, brake pads, brake handles, grips, pedals, chain, the cassette and chainrings, the brake and transmission cabling, bulbs, tires, the transmission system and the chain. 

In addition, the warranty is limited and restricted by the following terms and conditions:

a. Third party damage, intentional damage or intentional negligence.

b. Faulty use and maintenance

c. Changes and assembly of unauthorized parts on the bicycle 

d. Use of parts that are not original.

e. Natural / force majeure damage.

The company will provide lifelong service for diagnostics of safety and good working order of the bicycle. 

In addition, the company will provide a variety of services for bicycle care, repair and replacement of parts at the workshops located at the stores by appointment made through the customer service center of the company and according to a price proposal that will be offered to the customer. The company reserves the right to update the price list of repairs and the service policy for bicycles at any time.

Extended warranty policy for clothing and general equipment (warranty for two years):

The company will provide extended warranty for a period of two years from the purchase date or from the date of receiving the product (according to the later between them) for a wide range of products in the various sports categories, including camping, swimming, surfing, clothing, footwear and more. If you cannot find another specific category that provides warranty for your product, the warranty will be according to this general policy and pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

  • To be able to realize this warranty you must keep the receipt or another proof of purchase.

  • The warranty only applies to products being manufactured by the company or for it, that are recognizable by one or more of the trademarks and the logo of the company, provided, however, that they are embedded in the product. The company undertakes to provide warranty for defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period noted on the product or pursuant to this policy.

  • If a product was replaced during the warranty period, warranty will be provided for the alternative product for the remainder of the warranty period of the original product.

  • The warranty will not apply to any product that is not manufactured by the company or for it, even if it is packaged or sold together with a product of the company, and will not apply to a counterfeit product as well. 

In addition, the warranty will not apply to the following cases:

  • Defects arising from regular wear and tear or products listed on the natural wear and tear category such as clothing products and products that might tear (tires, racket strings, bearings, wheels and so forth); 

  • Defects caused by an accident, neglect, incorrect use of the product or use of the product in deviation from the instructions for use;

  • Defects or malfunctions caused by intentional damage caused by malicious action or through negligence;

  • Defects that were caused by negligent handling, care or maintenance of the products;

  • Defects caused by exposure to extreme natural conditions, liquids or gases;

  • Deficiencies or damage caused by third parties (such as transportation services, maintenance, storage); 

  • Defects that were caused by service (including repair) that was carried out by anyone other than an authorized representative of Decathlon or by recommendation of the company; 

  • A defect that was caused as a result of change in the product without the permission of Decathlon; 

  • If the serial number of the product was removed or defaced, or if the serial number presented is inconsistent with the nature, type or source of the product;

In addition to the above, general warranty will apply to a category of specific products:

Clothing: The warranty is secured for the quality of the fabric, the zippers and the buttons. No warranty is provided in the event of causing tears, shade change due to detergents, leak phenomenon and so forth.

Swimming products: Warranty for the quality of the product, sowing and color. 

shoes: Warranty for the quality of the product, sowing, color, shoe sole and manufacturing defect. No warranty is provided for shoelaces and shoe net.

Rollerblades and skateboards: Warranty for the body of the product, wheels, fasteners and pedals. No warranty is provided for physical damage that was caused to wheels, fasteners, pedals, wheel bearings, breaks, handles and other consumables.

Seats: Warranty for material and fabric quality. No warranty is provided in events where the weight exceeds the maximum load, excessive use of handles (if any), accidental physical damage or acts by people.

Racket type products: No warranty is provided for strings, belts, straps, sweat and towels. No warranty is provided for wear and tear of balls and shuttlecocks.

Extended warranty for selected products:

The company will provide extended warranty for selected products that will apply from the purchase date or the date of receiving the product (the later between them). Realization of the warranty for products is subject to the customer joining the company club upon purchase or by presentation of proof of purchase.

Backpacks for Forclaz models (10 years’ warranty)

The defects that are covered by the warranty:

  • A broken zipper

  • An anti-slip shoulder strap 

  • Fabric resistance failure

  • Seams

  • Defective attachment buttons

  • Buckles

The warranty does not cover repairs made by the customer. In addition, it will not apply to the following defects:

  • holes, damage caused by burning the material

  • change in color, shade

  • tears, cuts

In order to secure the warranty, our backpacks are tested by various tests: Field tests with users and product engineers, but laboratory testing as well to ensure the resilience of the product for a long period of use.

Table tennis rackets (10 years’ warranty)

The Artengo brand offers 10 years’ warranty on table tennis rackets PPR100 Outdoor, PPR130 Outdoor and PPR130 Outdoor in a set of two rackets that will apply commencing from the purchase date.

By way of that warranty, Artengo is offering to replace the product with an identical product or the product in the event of breakage during regular use of the product, provided that appropriate use of the product was made.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Regular wear and tear of the product

  • Lack of maintenance and use of the product in an aggressive way that is inconsistent with the maintenance of the product

  • change in color, shade

Tennis rackets (10 years’ warranty)

10 years’ warranty valid for all the table types Artengo and Pongori Outdoor that are being sold since 2015; FT 720 O, FT730, FT750, FT830, FT850, FT860, PPT 100, PPT130, PPT 1300 Medium, PPT5000, PPT5000, PPT5000, LTD. PPT900 LTD ו-PPT930. Beyond such models the warranty is for a period of two years.

The warranty will begin upon the purchase date and is subject to presenting an invoice or other proof of purchase.

The warranty applies to the following parts exclusively:

  • The table safety system (the locking mechanisms)

  • Wheels

  • Metal parts (including rigid elements)

  • The table top surfaces (in the event of deformation, peeling off or change in shade of the white stripes).

As part of such warranty the company will replace the parts or the defective table and will cover the transportation costs. The work costs for replacing the parts will be paid by the customer. 

The warranty does not cover:

  • Regular wear and tear of parts (wheels, net and so forth)

  • Tables that were not assembled pursuant to the instructions set forth in the user manual or noncompliance with the use recommendations, the maintenance and safety instructions set forth in the user manual so that a lack of maintenance of the product arises (for example oiling of the hinges every two years)

  • The use of detergents that are inappropriate for use in maintenance of the table

  • Scratches, corrosion and change in color, shade

  • Hits and falls 

The company reserves the right to verify the terms and conditions to realize the warranty (including a demand to prove defective parts by way of photographs).


The warranty for standing tents is three years from the purchase date.

Inflatable tents and tents suitable for two or three people that are not standing tens will be under warranty for five years.

The tents are intended for four weeks of continuous use per year, so that they are resilient for 12 weeks of use.

The warranty covers regular use of the tent, with an assessment of continuous use for a maximum period of four weeks a year.

The company undertakes to repair the parts or replace the product, provided, however, that the damage was caused during regular use conditions.

The warranty will cover defects that were caused during regular use and manufacturing defects. In inflatable tents the warranty covers breakage of the rod, and in inflatable tents a puncture as well. In addition, the warranty covers tears in the fabric or the seams of the tent cover, the tent room, and every awning or broken zippers.

Defects that are not included in the warranty: Accidents, negligence or intentional damage.

Please note that tents may not be used as garden furniture. Prolonged and extended exposure of the tent to ultraviolet rays and weather conditions is deemed negligence that causes premature deterioration of the product components. That type of use is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty for products that are not made by Decathlon (external brands)

Products that are not Decathlon branded products are excluded from this extended warranty, and warranty for them will be provided only in the cases specified in applicable law and pursuant to such terms and conditions only:

Watches made by Garmin -

It is hereby clarified that the realization of the warranty will be with Ronlite company and the customer is responsible for activating the warranty and registration of the digital warranty according to the instructions of the manufacturer and for verifying it with Ronlite and pursuant to the following terms and conditions: download Hebrew warranty

Treadmills manufactured by Energym - a warranty period of one year for the treadmill and five years for the motor. It is hereby clarified that the realization of the warranty and the service is provided by Energym only and pursuant to the following terms and conditions: download Hebrew warranty, download Arabic warranty


For questions regarding our warranty policy, Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at [email protected] . You can also call at 077-9829305 or write to us through our contact us page. We will be delighted to assist you!