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Loyalty Club

How to register ?

Registration for the loyalty club is also registration for our website. For a simple and easy registration, click here

All you have to do is fill in an email address, choose a password and enter contact information.

What are the benefits of the club ?

Registration to our customer loyalty club grants a 365-day exchange and return subject to the exchange and return policy. In addition, all receipts are stored in our systems and payment can be made through the Scan & Go app

How can I change user information ?

In order to change the user information, you must log in to the user on the site and go to my account >> my details.

Does the club involve a fee ?

Our customer loyalty club is free

Does registration to the loyalty club require receiving updates ?

You can change through our website in the personal area the possibility to receive updates from us by email.

In order to deactivate the option to receive updates, go to my account >> My profile >> Select "No" regarding contact with Decathlon

What updates do loyalty club members receive ?

Our loyalty club members receive email or mobile updates on new products, sport events or special days

Is it necessary to present a loyalty club at the purchase ?

Upon payment, an email or a mobile number linked to the club member must be presented to the team. In order to identify the loyalty club on the site, you must log in with an email address associated with it. Log in here

How can I see my purchases ?

Purchases can not be seen on the site after logging in with the email address associated with the account.

In order to view purchases at stores, go to my account on the website >> My orders from stores

In order to view purchases from the site, please go to my account >> my orders on the site

How not to add a purchase to the loyalty club ?

To add a purchase to the loyalty club, contact customer service by sending an email to: [email protected]

A full and clear photocopy of the invoice, and an email address for changing the club must be attached

Can not cancel club registration?

In order to cancel the registration for the loyalty club, please contact our customer service at [email protected] with a request to cancel. Please provide full name and email address associated with the membership

Do we store / use the information ?

Your information is intended solely for communication with Decathlon. We will never make any use of your information by a third party

- In which countries is the customer club valid?

The club is shared with 44 countries in the world where returns and exchanges can be made and receipts can be kept under warranty.

Online Orders

What are the delivery options and delivery times ?

We offer several delivery and delivery options. For the fullest and most up-to-date information, click here

Do you ship to the whole country?

We ship anywhere in the country but delivery times to remote localities can vary. For the full list of delivery days for remote localities, click here

Why do I have to pay shipping fees and how are the costs set?

In order to give our customers the best price for our products, the shipping prices are not embodied in them and we have no profit in it. The shipping fee is transferred directly to the courier company. The shipping price is determined according to the zip code, volume and weight of the order. For full details click here

Do you ship abroad?

No, we only ship within the borders of Israel

How to place an order?

In order to place an order on our site, you must first register for it or log in to the user. Then add to the basket the products you wanted and move to the cart screen. Then, fill in an address, select the delivery method and go to the payment screen

Is the site accessible to everyone? Will I be able to place an order even if I have a disability ?

Accessibility adjustments on the Decathlon Israel website allow people with various disabilities such as the blind and visually impaired, people who have difficulty using their hands, people with cognitive disabilities, people with hearing disabilities and other disabilities to make effective use of the services and information offered on the website

Do you have to register for the website / customer club to place an order ?

Yes, registration is required in order to place an order online

How can I track the order ?

 Click here to track the order after receiving the message. (delivery only)

What do we do with the information ?

Your information is intended solely for communication with Decathlon. Your information will never be used by a third party

How can I cancel an order ?

In order to cancel a transaction of ordering from the site according to the site's regulations or according to the Consumer Protection Law, contact customer service by email: [email protected], by phone 077-9829305 or by registered mail to Hasadna 1 Kfar Saba, The name of the customer, the order number and the reason for the cancellation

-Is it possible to make changes / edit in the order in the delivery method?

It is not possible to make changes to the products or the method of delivery after the order has been received by us

How to change the delivery address ?

Contact customer service via chat, email: [email protected], phone 077-9829305

When can I pick up the order from the store ?

When the order is ready for collection, an email will be sent about it. Click here to view the opening hours of the branches

Is it possible to pack the order in a gift box ?

It is currently not possible to pack an order in a gift box

Is it possible to attach a replacement note to the order ?

In order to save paper and prevent environmental pollution, we do not attach receipts or replacement notes to our orders. In case of need for replacement or return according to our exchange policy, please contact the store with the loyalty club member email address

Why did my order arrive at a different pick up point than the one I chose ?

Availability of receiving packages at many delivery points varies depending on the location available at the point and lockers in particular. In order not to delay delivery, the courier company automatically forwards the order to the point closest to the selected one or to the residential address entered within a radius of 3 km. No changes can be made at the collection point if it is located in the same city of residence

What should I do if I received a defective product ?

Our products are designed with quality control at least 3 times before shipment. In case that the product you received is defective for any reason, it must be reported to the online team within 14 days of receiving the order. It is mandatory to attach clear pictures.

In any case, you can go to the nearest branch to do so

Why is my order delayed above delivery times ?

If there is a delay in delivery, please contact customer service via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone 077-9829305

What should I do if an item is missing from the order ?

If there is a lack of ordering in the products, we notify the customer within 72 hours of making the purchase by phone or email. If no notification has been received for the lack and items are still missing in the order, please contact customer service via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone at 077-9829305

Is it possible to get a tax invoice for the purchase ?

In order for us to send a tax invoice for the purchase, please contact our customer service via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone at 077-9829305 with the following details:

Full name, address. If the purchase was made in a store, a full and clear photocopy of the invoice must be attached

Why was I given two delivery methods? Do I pay for both methods?

To maximize availability, our system lets you break up your order and receive it via two delivery methods. This is so you can order and receive all your desired products. Payment will be charged separately for each delivery method, in accordance with the relevant delivery method for those items.

If one of the delivery methods doesn’t work for you, we recommend removing the affected product(s) from your cart to secure a single delivery.

I added a product to my shopping cart and an additional delivery method appeared. Why?

our system calculates the products in your shopping cart and suggests the best possible options to provide all the products you wish to order. Sometimes, products are only available in-store and not in the warehouse, leading to your order being broken up into two deliveries.

I selected same-day delivery as my delivery option. When will my order be ready?

You can pick up your order on the same day, after you receive the email notifying you that your order is ready.

Why can I only pick up my order from a specific store?

Orders are based on in-store availability at the location closest to the address you provided in your order. To check availability in another store, try changing your delivery address.

What happens if I don’t show up to pick up my order?

Orders that are not picked up within 10 days will be cancelled. Payment will be fully refunded and the product will be returned to the store stock.

I added products to my cart and was not presented with any options for same-day pickup. Why?

There are two possibilities: the product you selected may not be available in store or the order was made after 20:00.

Is the Click & Collect service for in-store pickup available at all store locations?

The service is available at all store locations during business hours, except for the Eilat branch.

Is the Click & Collect service for in-store pickup available on Friday and Saturday?

The service is available subject to the operating hours of Decathlon store locations and in accordance with existing stock availability.

Does the Click & Collect service for in-store pickup involve a fee?

The service is provided free of charge.

I made an order and would like to exchange the product I ordered before I pick it up. Can I exchange an item?

You cannot exchange products in an existing order, but you can cancel the order and make a new one. We recommend that you pick up your order as you made it, and if the product is available in store, make the exchange on-site. If the item is not in stock, you can cancel the order at the pickup point.

Why is the “express home delivery” option not available?

Express orders may be made on weekdays only until 12:30. Your order may have been placed outside of that time frame.

Alternately, one of the products you selected may exceed the weight/size limits for express delivery (express delivery is not available for products exceeding 5 kg or 30*30*30cm).

It’s important to know that orders using this service are based on existing store supply at the store location nearest you in the central region only (a list of stores is available in the shipping policy on the website). The items you selected may be out of stock at the store nearest you so express delivery was not available. 

In any case, it’s important to know that our system calculates delivery options based on your order as a whole (products, delivery address, the time you made your order) to present you with the best possible delivery options for you.

How soon will I receive an express delivery?

Express deliveries arrive on the same day by 20:00, as long as the order was made by 12:30. If your order was made after that time, it will be delivered on the next business day by 20:00.

I made an order for express delivery and did not receive it on the same day. Why?

Check when you placed the order. If it was placed after 12:30, it will be delivered on the next business day. If you made your order on a weekday before 12:30, contact Customer Service to verify the status of your order.

I made a mistake in my address and need to update it. How does that affect my order?

A change of address or entering erroneous information will lead to delays in supply times. Notify Customer Service of the new address and we’ll make sure the delivery makes it to the right place.

Product information

How can I get information about the products? Is it possible to consult and adjust a product ?

Our site also serves as a product catalog. Each product is dedicated to a whole page which has all the technical information, instructions for using the product, photos and videos and other explanations. For any additional questions, you can contact our service team via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone at 077-9829305

Does the product have a warranty ?

Because we are confident in the quality of our products and believe in them, all products have at least two years warranty. Click here to view all warranty information

How can I make sure I get the right size for me?

Click here to the size guide for all products

Can I check stock at stores before arrival ?

The product page shows the latest inventory update from the stors and the online store. In order to save for customer products, the stores must be contacted via WhatsApp or phone. Click here for information on the stores

When is stock renewed ?

The inventory in the stores and on the website is renewed every day for thousands of different products. In order to keep track of the products you wanted and out of stock, we recommend signing up for an update on the product page to email in order to receive an alert that it is back in stock and make a purchase

How often is the catalog / collection renewed ?

In any season of the year depending on the climate, country, demand, etc. Many times, products return for another season as "refurbished" and we have undergone slight improvements

How do I know what the washing instructions for a garment are ?

Each product comes with a label with washing and use instructions

Are the products environmentally friendly ?

Our vision speaks to the design and planning of the products with environmental thinking in mind. Click here to get more information on the ecological design of the products

Are there any discounts on the products ?

All design, production, control and supply processes are internal to Decathlon and are designed to reduce costs as much as possible. This is to make sure that customers can purchase them at the best price. Therefore, our prices are attractive all year round and we have no special discounts or "sales

Can I repair my bike or add parts to it ?

In our stores there are workshops for the care and repair of bicycles. You can take any bike in order to consult the experts or make a repair and replacement

Is there any information about repairs and maintenance of the product ?

The product page lists all the information about the instructions for use of the products and their maintenance. In addition, there are ancillary products that are used for maintenance and are offered for sale on the site. For any further questions you can contact our service team via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone 077-9829305

Can I purchase spare parts for all the products ?

There are currently no spare parts for all product categories. We do our best to provide as many spare parts as possible and alternatively allow for the realization of warranty for the product

Is it possible to transfer products between stores ?

We are currently unable to make transfers between stores.

Replacement and return

How long can it be exchanged or returned ?

According to our exchange and return policy, exchange or return can be made with proof of purchase at any of our stores. For loyalty club members within 365 days of purchase and for anyone who is not a club member within 30 days

Is it possible to return a product by mail or by delivery ?

It is currently not possible to make exchanges and returns by mail or delivery

The product is not to my satisfaction or suitable for my sports needs. what should I do ?

First, you can post a review of all the products on the product page to share the experience used.

Second, if the product is not used and is not to the user's satisfaction or suitable for sports needs, it can be returned or replaced at our stores subject to the return and exchange policy at the link

How can you exchange or return products purchased on the site?

Replacement or return of products purchased through our site can be done at our stores with  presenting loyalty club member / order number

Are there a cancellation fee when refunding ?

We do not charge cancellation fees for refunds

Which products can not be exchanged or returned ?

When purchasing from the site you can make a replacement or return subject to the policy for all products.

There are products that have been purchased at the branch and cannot be exchanged or returned. Click here for full information

What kind of refund can I get ?

At the time of exchange or return and subject to policy and presentation of proof of purchase, a credit can be obtained for the same day in the store. Alternatively, you can get a full refund by means of payment (cash, credit )


Is payment on the site secure ?

We use an SSL secure protocol for all incoming orders. This encryption gives transactions a high level of security

Are credit details stored ?

Your credit information is protected. Our credit information is kept with the clearing company and the billing is done on the website through IFRAME

What are the payment options ?

The payment option on the website is by credit. Payment options at our branches are by credit and cash

Is it possible to divide into payments? And for how many ?

Our payment policy is the same on the site and in stores

 Over 400 NIS - 2 payments

 Over 600 NIS - 3 payments

 Over 800 NIS - 4 payments

 Over 1000 NIS - 5 payments

Is it possible to order from the website and pay the courier / when collecting the order ?

It is not possible to pay after placing the order but only at the time of purchase.

In what types of credit can a payment be made ?

Payment can be made on all types of credit. Please note that if the type of card is charged or direct, it is not possible to make a credit or refund for the type of card, so please contact our customer service via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone 077-9829305

I tried to make a purchase and my payment was declined. what should I do ?

If the payment is not verified, contact the credit company.

I noticed a double charge. what should I do ?

If you are looking for a second charge, please contact our customer service via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone at 077-9829305

Is it possible to purchase a gift card ?

You can purchase a gift card at our stores. We offer a variety of wrappers for gift certificates and in different colors

In what amount can a gift card be charged ?

You can top up a gift certificate from NIS 50 to NIS 1,000

Is it possible to pay with a gift voucher) ?

You can pay with a gift card at stores and online according to the policy

How long does the gift card standard) ?

A gift voucher can be redeemed within two years.

Is it possible to claim a gift card again after it has been redeemed?

Gift card can not be recharged once redeemed.

Is it possible to exchange a gift card for a refund?

It is not possible to get a refund for a gift card.

Is it possible to retrieve the gift card details if it is lost / worn out ?

Gift card details could not be retrieved. If it is lost, we have no way to retrieve it

Experience from the store

Where can I share about my experience from the store ?

We are always happy to hear from our customers about their experiences! Feel free to share on our Facebook page or Google about the experience you had in the store

Is it possible to print in a store on products ?

It is currently not possible to print on the products.

-What are the operating hours of the stores ?

All the updated information for the opening hours of the stores here.

- Are the branches accessible?

Decathlon Israel works hard to make its services accessible to people with disabilities in order to provide an equal service experience in the physical stores and on the website.

For details on accessing Decathlon Israel stores, click here

I'm disabled. Will I have to wait in line at the checkout in the store ?

People with disabilities are entitled to receive service without having to wait in line, you can access customer service, present the disability card and receive service without waiting in line

Can I get assistance in transferring the products to the car ?

In accordance with the Accessibility Act, Decathlon makes every effort to provide a professional, courteous and accessible service to all customers. At the entrance to the Decathlon stores there is a sign "You can ask for the help of the staff", the service is designed to help a person with a disability at any stage by contacting one of the store's employees

Can I find my way around the store ?

Decathlon Israel is doing everything in its power to make the stores accessible to Israeli law, for which purpose we have placed signs and directions in the parking lot, at the entrance to the store, for disabled people, in an accessible locker room, in an accessible rest area, at an accessible checkout and more. Which allows a person with a disability to get around the store easily and safely

Is it possible to bring guide dogs into the store ?

Decathlon Israel allows guide dogs and their operators to enter all stores.

Is there parking in the stores ?

Big Krayot, Rishon Lezion, Beer Sheva, Gan Shmuel and Netanya stores have parking for everyone in the complexes. The Tel Aviv stores do not have organized parking for store visitors, but there are paid parking lots near the store

How can I get information about sports event ?

We advertise on social networks and in signage at stores about special sports events. In addition, by registering on the site, you can mark the possibility of updates for sports events and special days

How do I register for sport events ?

No registration required, our sport events in the stores are open to everyone.

How do I contact the store ?

For complete information on contacting the branches, click here

I want to add accessories to my bike or repair them. Can you help me with that ?

All our stores have workshops for repairing and equipping bicycles. You can access the nearest store with the bike (even if not purchased at Decathlon) in order to equip or repair the bike with our experts. It is recommended to arrange arrival in advance to ensure the availability of spare parts or accessories via chat, email at: [email protected], and by phone 077-9829305

Can I receive professional guidance regarding the use and maintenance of the product ?

Our experts in the stores will be happy to answer any questions you may have! In addition, you can get professional guidance on how to use the product and maintain it.

Where can I look for vacancies in the company ?

Click here to view all open positions for recruitment.