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  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black



Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black

  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
  • Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
Adult/Kids' Horse Riding Helmet 100 - Black
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Are you new to horse riding? Our team of passionate designers created this riding helmet to protect you in the event of a fall.


Impact protection

A durable riding helmet, EN1384:2017 certified


The clever back dial back lets you quickly adjust the size of the riding helmet.

User comfort

Foam on the straps and inside the helmet for maximum comfort.


Keep a cool head in the saddle: outer shell to evacuate heat.


A four-point harness system for good support.



EN1384 certified:2017 riding helmet


XS (48-52cm), S (52-55cm), M (55-58cm), L (58-61cm).

Light weight:

530 g in size M (55-58 cm).


Just getting started with horse riding? Go for our helmet 100, designed specially for you. It has been put through the ringer in our workshops and was designed to absorb some of the energy on impact through partial deformation of the shell and/or the protective material.
In the event of a fall, replace your helmet: damage is not always visible and is often found inside the product.

Anatomic design:

Your horse riding equipment should allow you to feel comfortable and should fit correctly. The 100 riding helmet is adjustable and perfectly adapts to your head size. It is available in 4 sizes, from XS to L, and goes from 48 to 61. To find the right size, try it on and adjust the dial. It is easy and quick to adjust, no matter your head size.


To fully enjoy horse riding, it's best to feel comfortable. Fouganza engineers added foam to the harness straps for maximum comfort. The inside of the helmet also contains foam padding that can be removed and machine washed at 30°C. The foam under the chin will prevent pinching, which often happens when kids get their first riding helmet.


Effective protection is protection that fits properly. The 100 riding helmet features a four-point side attachment system. Thanks to these four points connecting the harness to the shell, the riding helmet is well supported on the head for balanced protection. You can trot and gallop to your heart's content: if your protection is the right size, it's not going anywhere! No more worrying about a riding helmet that falls over your eyes and blocks your view!


Because ponies and horses can sometimes be unpredictable and other unexpected issues arise during lessons, the 100 riding helmet designers added another feature to help you keep your cool: the riding helmet has around fifty holes on the top for heat evacuation. Our Fouganza team wanted to make sure you get the most out of your rides without getting overheated!


Just because you're starting out doesn't mean you can't have nice equipment. The 100 riding helmet designers had this in mind: this riding helmet is available in several colours.

Easy care:

To look after your helmet, clean the outside with a cloth.
We strongly advise against using solvents or other aggressive products, which could affect the helmet's effectiveness and damage it.For storage and transport, a small fabric bag will protect it from dirt, scratches and light.

Adjusting the helmet:

For optimal protection, the helmet should be in close contact with the head without squeezing it. When the harness is properly adjusted the helmet should not slide forward, back, or from side to side.
The riding helmet's strap should pass beneath your jaw, rather than over the chin. It should be tight enough to stop the helmet rocking around, but it shouldn't choke you.

Shock absorption:

This riding helmet was designed to absorb some of the energy of an impact by causing the shell or protective material to become partially deformed.

A helmet reduces the severity of head injuries. The protection your riding helmet offers depends on the accident in question, as wearing a helmet does not always prevent death or long-term injury.

Use instructions:

We know that you are itching to try your helmet, but for safety reasons please read the instructions before use.
This riding helmet is for horse riding only and should not be used for motorsports, snow sports or air sports. Unfortunately, if you decide to take up bobsleigh, Formula 1 or hang gliding, this helmet will not meet your needs. We recommend opting for more suitable protection.


Like your 100 riding helmet? Unfortunately, you won't be able to keep it forever. To ensure that your protection remains effective, we advise you to replace it after each fall. While it may look just fine, some interior damage cannot be seen. And even if you're lucky enough to never fall off your horse, you should replace your riding helmet every five years.

Returns conditions for personal protective equipment

A riding helmet is a type of PPE (personal protective equipment)

Make sure this product is right for you (model, size, colour) before buying.

If you do need to return it, you will need to make sure it still has its instructions, labels and, where applicable, original packaging. This will enable it to be resold. Together, we can respect our planet.

3-5 Business days

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