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How to choose a diving mask?


How do you choose a diving mask?

The diving mask is one of the most important components of your diving equipment. So how do you choose it?

First, let's talk about how you like to dive - with an oxygen tank, snorkel, or free diving. Do you prefer a mask with a single or double lens? We wanted to show you the different masks that are available so that you can choose the mask that is exactly right for your needs.

Which mask is suitable for your preferred type of diving?

Snorkeling: If you plan to snorkel (that is, dive with fins, mask, and snorkel), choose a mask with a wide field of vision that will allow you to fully enjoy the experience of the underwater world!

Freediving or spearfishing: For spearfishing or freediving choose a smaller mask that reduces the chance of "crushing" or pressure sores.

In conclusion, for diving with a tank, we recommend choosing a mask with a single lens or a double lens that does not cover the nose. Such a mask helps to reduce pressure at the end of the dive.

Snorkeling Mask

Do you like to snorkel? Easybreath masks have been specially developed by our house brand Subsea. They are suitable for swimming and diving thanks to their innovative structure, which allows you to breathe both through your nose and your mouth. In addition, the large glass of the Easybreath masks allows excellent visibility and it also reduces the formation of vapors, so you can enjoy all the magical sights and not miss a single fish that will pass you by. The use of the mask is simple and breathing through it is very comfortable thanks to the waterproof snorkel, which ensures that salt water will not penetrate it and clog your mouth

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