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How to choose resistance straps for training?


How to choose resistance straps for training?

Do not choose resistance bands for training just like that. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

 The use of resistance straps during your sports training will allow you to activate the muscles thanks to the developing resistance. No danger of shock or injury to the joints! Pilates straps, small straps, small fabric straps… To make order in a mess and so that you can choose the resistance straps in the best way, remember 2 necessary criteria: the nature of the activity and your skill level.

The nature of the activity 

choice bands resistance depends on the type of training.

Are you taking the first steps in building muscle mass? Select the small strip. It is available in a set of 3, from a very flexible strap to a strap with a particularly high resistance so you can combine gentle movements with more intense movements and work in 3 different levels of resistance. This set is ideal for toning the lower body and we also really like its lightness: it is compact, easy to move from place to place, pocket-friendly… We are sure you will not be able to part with it anytime soon! In the gym, at home, or on the go, these resistance straps can accompany you anywhere.

Do you want to increase muscle mass and sculpt the whole body? In this case, choose resistance straps with handles (straps for toning). Diverse and very effective, they can be used in many situations: Advanced training to strengthen the muscles, rehabilitation after injury, stretching, release, Pilates training, יז Strengthening the arms and legs is done in a coordinated and symmetrical manner. The result: you build muscle mass deeply and harmoniously.

And here's a good little thing, we like the soft fabric, which makes their use very pleasant!

Are you interested in working more on your back? So resistance pipes with handles are what you need. Thanks to their grip handles, they are easy and comfortable to hold. The plastic casing around the pipe allows you to stand on it comfortably and adjust it easily and as needed. We highly recommend adopting this tube to work deeply on the upper body: upper back, arms, shoulders, etc.

Are you looking to develop flexibility during your movement/flexibility exercises? Choose the stretching strap: This strap stretches the muscles and ensures a good recovery during training. Therefore it also protects you from vulnerability.

Resistance Level The

choice of resistance bands depends on the level of toning. The straps are available in 3 levels of resistance:


  • Slight resistance: A strap that is suitable for both beginners and experienced trainees. Intended for upper body workouts or Pilates exercises.

  • Medium resistance: A strap suitable for experienced trainees. Designed to work on the lower body


  • High resistance: a strap suitable for experienced muscle-building trainees. Designed to work on exercises focused on the lower body, for example, squats.


       Hope we made you some order in the mess and now you understand all the possibilities. Pleasant strengthening!  

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