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Pack Of 2 Pairs Of Run 500 Thin Invisible Running Socks

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Our design teams developed these running socks to protect your feet from blisters when you are out running.


Moisture management

Polyamide thread and ventilation area on the instep


finely knitted without loops. Ends a few mm above ankle level.


height of upper

the height of the upper below the ankle at the neck of the shoe.

Why wear a pair of thin socks?

Finely knitted (without the thickness of loops) with a ventilation zone on the instep, these running socks are ideal for runners looking for lightness and freshness in summer.


There is a special construction at the tip that makes the sock conform to the shape of the toe area perfectly.
The seam at the toe enclosure is located under the toes in the hollow area to prevent chafing on the top of the foot.

wash before a race

I recommend that you test out all these new products if you want to wear them in a race. That way, you can be sure of avoiding any nasty surprises on race day. As you wash them, our socks will lose the silky feeling of new yarns. Your foot will slip less in the shoe.

3-5 Business days

3-5 ימי עסקים