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Ski and snowboard clothing: how to choose ski clothing correctly


How to choose warm clothing for skiing?

Many surfers fear the cold (and rightly so! Skiing is a sport practiced in relatively extreme weather). 

The fear that the cold will drive them to the nearest pub and a steaming cup of Irish coffee causes surfers to wear too many layers of clothing that can weigh them down, cause discomfort and even overheat. In practice, no more than 3 layers of suitable clothing are required to keep the body warm and dry when gliding down the ski slopes. Ready to find out how to choose your three layers? 

Shining sun, fresh snow, comfortable temperature and smooth slopes - these are the most suitable conditions for an amazing skiing session, but unfortunately, this is not always the case out there, and there are cold and bitter days, with gusts of cold winds and fog. During a day of skiing we walk, ski, wait in line for the cable car, sometimes carry the children's skis and sometimes carry both the skis and the children themselves... in short, sweat. To make the experience of sports in the cold more pleasant, we recommend adopting the 'three layers' principle.

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