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New Running Shoes from KIPRUN by Decathlon: Upgrade Your Running Experience


Are you looking for new running shoes? It's a good idea to consider your running style and needs when making a purchase.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right shoes:

Consider your running type: If you run long distances, you'll need shoes that are durable. If you run for competition, you'll need shoes that are both durable and lightweight.

Consider your weight: Heavier runners will need shoes with more support.

Consider your foot type: If you have flat feet or high arches, you'll need shoes with special support.

Of course, all running shoes should have good shock absorption and stability.

Decathlon offers two innovative new running shoe models: the KIPRUN KD900X Carbon-Coated Running Shoes for men and women, and the Kiprun KS900 Running Shoes for men. Both models offer advanced technology, excellent stability, and lightweight design, and they can help you upgrade your running experience to a new level.

KIPRUN KD900X Carbon-Coated Running Shoes for Men and Women

VFOAM technology in Pebax: This foam provides 20% more dynamic performance than traditional running shoes. With our innovative design, we have also developed an internal carbon coating. The combination of the foam and carbon coating works like a spring that creates a return of 75% of the energy invested. This technology gives the shoes an exceptionally high energy return, which allows runners to run faster and more efficiently with minimal energy waste.

Carbon coating: A lightweight yet extremely strong coating that provides the shoes with stability and durability.

Lightweight for improved performance: Research shows that a lighter product improves running performance thanks to reduced energy consumption. We did not sacrifice comfort or durability in the design of the KIPRUN KD900X. We chose the lightest materials and optimized the sole design. As a result, the KIPRUN KD900X shoes are lightweight (they weigh 182 grams in size 38), making them ideal for long runs.

Long-term performance: With KD900X shoes, you don't have to choose between durability and performance anymore! We at Kiprun are proud of the durability of our shoes. During the design phase of the KD900X model, we placed special emphasis on the distance these shoes can go. We gave them to a few runners with particularly high demands to test them: one of our testers even ran 1,500 kilometers in them.

Drop: The drop of the shoes is 8 mm.

Tested and approved by  our athlete, Yohann Cauvel (French runner competing in middle- and long-distance races):
During the half-marathon in Lille, France, which took place on March 20, 2022, Yohann broke his personal record when he finished the race in 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 17 seconds with KD900X shoes: a real achievement in an official race. Yohann especially appreciated the lightweight and excellent grip of the shoes on the track, especially on wet ground in sharp turns, where the push of the shoes was felt very much.

Kiprun KS900 Running Shoes for Men

Soft cushioning in MFOAM foam: Soft foam padding developed by Decathlon's technical design office that combines softness with excellent responsiveness, thus ensuring comfort and excellent shock absorption.

Excellent road grip: The sole is designed like a car tire for high-quality running performance without losing control in wet conditions. The sole geometry combined with the new rubber compound provides the shoes with excellent grip on wet surfaces, even when sprinting.

Running comfort: A unique sole design provides additional support for the foot and reduces the risk of injuries in several ways:

A collar at the sock line at the back hugs the heel and holds it firmly in the shoe.

A wide forefoot that allows more space for the toes.

A one-piece fabric without seams that reduces the risk of chafing.

A thicker tongue that prevents discomfort in the arch of the foot.

Lightweight (252 grams in size 43): The shoes are lightweight, which allows for improved performance thanks to reduced energy consumption.

Additional advantages of Decathlon running shoes:

Available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

One-year warranty - we're sure you'll be happy, but in case you're disappointed with the performance, you can return them.


Decathlon's new running shoes offer a unique combination of advanced technology, excellent stability, and lightweight design. With these shoes, you can upgrade your running experience to a new level.

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