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How to Choose Women's Swimsuits


Feel confident and comfortable every time you swim with the perfect swimsuit from

Decathlon. Find the perfect swimwear with our expert guide on all things design and

fabric. Here at Decathlon we offer a range of fits and designs to suit every swimmer from

beginner to advanced and everything in between.

Step 1: Choose your Type of Swimsuit

1. One Piece Swimsuit

The most common pair of swimmers. The one piece is great for regular swimmers. They

are comfortable and allow you to perform your movements with ease, without discomfort

or pain. They provides enough freedom of movement, thanks to straps that leave the

shoulder blades free but cover the torso allowing for less drag in the water. It's versatile,

easy to wear and provides great coverage.

2. Shorty Swimsuit

A take on the one piece, the shorty swimsuit has longer coverage over the hips and

bottom. They are great for swimming but also for aqua aerobics.

3. Jammers & Leggings

Jammers and leggings are style of bikini bottoms. They provide plenty of coverage across

your bottom without any of the extra fabric causing drag. We recommend jammers for

regular swimmers. If you are looking for stability and a good fit, swimming jammers are

our top recommendation. Jammers are a swim favourite for good coverage, reduced drag

and a comfortable, secure fit. They ensure a great fit around your thighs and do not roll up

as you swim. Swimming jammers do not create a drag in the water, thus helping you in

your practice to perform.

4. Skirt Swimsuit

Looking for a swimsuit that covers up your hip and thighs. With a skirt to hide the bottom

while maintaining a feminine look.

5. Bikini

An all time favourite for the beach and the pool. A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that

exposes the torso. Great for mixing and matching and with so many different styles.

6. Maternity Swimsuit

A swimsuit perfectly designed for the mother to be. Comfortable seams, suitable for up to

9 months of pregnancy.

Step 2: Choose the Back Type

1. V Shaped Swimsuits

Combines support and coverage. This swimsuit has great freedom of movement so you

can swim all strokes easily.

2. X Shaped Swimsuits

Are suitable for all body types. It gives you freedom of movement and good to use for

competitions. Allows for better freedom of movement. Very comfortable with unrestricted


3. U Shaped Swimsuits

Have a very feminine cut and are easy to put on.

4. O Shaped or Y Shaped Swimsuits

This classic style will offer you greater freedom of movement and stability. Perfect for

longer training sessions

5. H Shaped Swimsuits

Offer great stability and support.

Step 3: Choose the fabric.

1. Occasional Swimmers in Chlorine (100+ Hours Chlorine Resistant)

Material: 80% polyamide / 20% elastane. Chlorinated water can be harmful to swimsuits

which are used repeatedly in the swimming pool. The elastane fibre that gives the material

its stretch property and therefore makes it comfortable, is also very fragile when in

contact with chlorine. If you swim occasionally this material will be fine for you.

2. Regular Swimmers in Chlorine (200+ Hours Chlorine Resistant)

Material: 100% polyester. Our engineers have developed a Polyester based material and

replaced the elastane fibres with PBT fibres that give it sufficient elasticity to ensure user

comfort whilst protecting it against the damaging effects of chlorine. This PBT thread also

has the advantage of quick drying. It only loses 3 to 4% resistance throughout its lifespan.

Another plus: UV resistance. Even the brightest of colours will retain their colour fastness.

3. Intensive Swimmers in Chlorine

Material: 78% polyester / 22% elastolefin. Products holding the AQUARESIST label are

guaranteed to be resistant to chlorine. They will maintain their elasticity and are UV

resistant. For these reasons they are recommended for regular or intensive pool use.

No matter your choice we sell a range of women's swimsuits, goggles, caps and swim gear

to ensure your trip to the pool or beach is the best it can be. Head in store or check out our

range online! 

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