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How to choose a SUP board: the complete guide


What's up? The guide for choosing SUP paddles

Just like the sea, the selection of paddles for a stand-up paddleboard (sup board, short for a stand-up paddle) is also large, and just like navigating in the middle of the sea, even when you're about to buy your first paddle it's easy to get lost. Will you surf the surfboard rarely or regularly? Would you like a detachable or adjustable paddle? We will help you ask the right questions so that you can choose the right paddle for you.

1. Choose the appropriate SUP paddle for your skill level.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose an aluminum paddle - when you are just starting to surf, you often fall on the paddle or press it too hard. Aluminum is a strong material that can withstand the mistakes of a beginner surfer. An aluminum paddle is also cheaper compared to paddles made of other materials.

If you surf regularly, you should look for a lightweight paddle, which will be easy for you to use for a longer period. Models made of carbon and fiberglass are lightweight and their blades are easy to use, that is, (you can navigate with them easily, like with aluminum oars, but they do not require a high technical ability to control them.

Oars made of 100% carbon are even lighter, but they are also fragile (they must be protected from blows, so you should have a carrying bag for the oar). They are considered more professional because the blade is designed to give you more power while rowing - at the expense of comfort and stability.

2. Fixed oar, adjustable oar, or detachable oar?

The three types The main types of paddles are fixed paddles, adjustable paddles, and paddles that can be disassembled.

A fixed paddle must be chosen carefully to ensure that the size fits the size of the surfer. The design of the fixed paddle is simpler compared to an adjustable paddle and it fits a certain height and therefore cannot be transferred to surfers of other heights. Such a paddle It is lightweight compared to an adjustable paddle made of the same material. The

the adjustable paddle can be used by the whole family (or casual friends who want to catch a spin on your SUP) because it can be adjusted to the height of different people. Such a paddle also allows you to switch from one activity to another: shorten it to surf On the waves (compact more) and extend it to row at a greater speed.

A detachable paddle is usually an adjustable paddle that can also be disassembled: the two parts of which it is composed can be separated so that it can be easily carried in a carrying bag for the sap. This feature allows it to be transported and stored more easily. It weighs slightly more than a regular adjustable paddle. 

In conclusion, to enjoy surfing on a SUP board you need three things:

  1. a good

  2. an excellent paddle that suits your needs and experience

  3. , may the gods of the sun and the sea be by your side

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