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How to choose a scooter for children


How do you choose a scooter for children?

Scooter: two wheels that carry so many advantages... In recent years, the popularity of the scooter among children has increased until it has become a real member of the nobility among means of transportation.

Children love riding the scooter because it's totally cool and fills their afternoons with hours of fun, but it also has other advantages: it's a great tool for psychomotor development up to the age of 7 and it's also an excellent source of energy. Riding a scooter develops physical fitness, coordination and confidence and also allows the child (assuming he is old enough) to transport himself from class to class, from school to friends, etc.

 In order to practice riding a scooter under the best conditions, it is important to choose the right model and as usual, we are here to help :)

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