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How to choose a family tent - the comprehensive guide

In: hiking

Family don't choose, but family tent - yes!

"All happy families are alike," wrote Lev Tolstoy. What he didn't write was that all happy families are happy because they go camping :) Let's put this on the table: camping is the perfect family outing; The children run wild in the nearby stream, climb trees or build a "kids' tent" from branches and leaves while the adults chase after them in a desperate attempt to apply mosquito repellent and put a hat on them. And all this goodness only gets better once you have a suitable family camping tent.

There are so many types of tents for family camping that sometimes you feel confused and overwhelmed. A good family tent should be durable over time and well-made so that it can withstand use in challenging conditions (and challenging children...). It should also be comfortable, suitable for a variety of uses, and fun to sleep in. So how do you choose? That's what we're here for.

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