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How to choose clothes for cardio workouts


To choose the right cardio training clothing for you, take into account your workout level and frequency. Then there are three criteria to consider: how moisture-wicking the fabric is and also how light it is, and the support it provides.

1. Perspiration Wicking

Cardio training – be it treadmill running, cross training or step classes – will make you sweat, fact. And perspiration can make you uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right clothing. Hence, the more intense your activities, the more important it is to wear breathable fabrics that absorb perspiration and wick it away to the outer side of the fabric, so it can dry quickly. If you like to the up the tempo on your workout or are prone to sweating, look out for technical clothing with vents at the back, behind the knees and at the waistline.

2. Lightweight

For greater freedom of movement, choose lightweight fabrics that don’t feel constricting. It’s up to you whether you want a loose fit or second-skin effect, but generally, the more intense the activity, the closer you’ll want it to be to your skin – but everyone is different.

3. Support

Good bust support is really important when it comes to cardio training clothing in order to prevent shocks and keep you comfortable from warm-up to cool-down. Look out for tank tops with built-in sports bras, or if you have a bigger bust, or are doing more intense workouts, opt for a high-impact sports bra with ultra-flat seams to prevent irritation, teamed with a top that’s slim-fitting. For the bottom half, choose leggings or shorts with an elasticated waistband to keep them in place.

That is, now you know our five secrets to choose appropriate clothing and equipment for cardio training. But let's stay between us, yes? :)

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