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פיתחנו את גרבי הכדורגל הארוכים F100 עם איזור מאוורר במרכז כף הרגל לשיפור זרימת האוויר, וכדי לעשות את הצעדים הראשונים שלכם על המגרש כמה שיותר קלים .
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צפייה בכל החנויות

אוורוראיזור מאוורר בגב כף הרגל.
קל-משקל63 גרם במידה 8/10
נידוף לחותבד המזרז נידוף זיעה...
מתייבש מהרמתייבש באוויר במהירות.
תחזוקה קלהיש לכבס הפוך ב30°C ולייבש בתלייה בלבד.
אחריות2 שנים
אורךגובה ברך
מידע נוסף
גרביים : 98.0% פוליאסטר (PES), גרביים : 1.0% אלסטין, גרביים : 1.0% פוליאמיד (PA)
סדר לפי
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
Poor Quality
Used for עד שבוע
Only warn once and they have started to frey and developed holes, suppose you get what you pay for but ultimately thought they'd last longer then 90 mins of football the other lads picked on me, opposing players refereed to be as holey, not sure ill ever wear them or play football again.
תגובת המותג
Hi Craig,

Thanks for your feedback on the socks - disappointed to hear they haven't lasted longer than 90 minutes, since even though its our cheapest pair of shoes, we'd expect them to last a lot longer. Since they have not performed as either of us wanted, feel free to take them, with your receipt, to your local store for an exchange or refund.

I hope this means you will be comfortable playing football again in the future.

Store Leader Warrington
Football Leader UK
CRAIG found this answer helpful
Saves me a lot of time washing
Used for בין 3-6 חודשים
My son loves football, and I used to have to clean the mud off his socks and wash them several times a week. Then I found these and realised what my time was worth.

I now give him a new pair for every game and training, and tell him not to bring them home but just to throw them in the bin in the changing room afterwards. He likes new socks every time, I don't have to bother with the mud and sweat any more.
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