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מיועד ל לנשיאת עד 3 זוגות אופניים על הפגוש האחורי של הרכב.
מנשא אופניים מוכן וקל לשימוש. וודאו שהוא מתאים למכונית ולאופניים שלכם!

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קל להרכבה/פירוקעם רצועות מתכווננות. קיפול מהיר לאחסון קל.
הגנה מפני פגיעהחתיכות גומי המגנות על החלקים שנוגעים ברכב
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עיצוב קומפקטימקופל: רוחב: 51 ס"מ / 20 אינץ'. גובה: 75 ס"מ / 29.5 אינץ'.
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2 עד 3 זוגות אופניים, תלוי בסוג הרכב שלכם. בדקו את המדריך לדגמי הרכבים המתאימים.
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45 ק"ג
משקל מירבי עבור כל זוג אופניים
15 ק"ג
מותקן: אורך: 75 ס"מ / 29.5 אינץ'.רוחב: 51 ס"מ / 20 אינץ'. עומק: 58 ס"מ / 22.8 אינץ'. עומק: אורך: 75 ס"מ / 29.5 אינץ'.רוחב: 51 ס"מ / 20 אינץ'
משקל מנשא האופניים
5 ק"ג
אופניים מתאימים
השתמשו במתאם השלדה לאופניים עם שלדות לא שגרתיות (נשים, BMX ואופני downhill). (נשים, BMX ואופני downhill).
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מידע נוסף
מבנה : 100.0% פלדה חבל : 100.0% פוליאמיד 6.6 (PA 6.6) ידית : 100.0% פוליאמיד (PA) קצף : 100.0% אתילן ויניל אצטט (EVA) בד עיקרי - חלק עליון : 100.0% פוליאורתן תרמופלסטי (TPU) פקק : 100.0% פוליפרופילן (PP)
סדר לפי
So annoyed
Used for עד שבוע
I was advised to buy this product by a member of staff, saying it would be fine for the two bikes I was buying (1x adult & 1x child) and for my car (Qashqai). Not only does it not actually fit my car, it doesn’t even fit my child’s bike on either (or mine very easily) as the frames don’t fit it properly. Spent over an hour trying to fit them on!!
תגובת המותג
I'm sorry to read that you were given the incorrect information from the store. It depends which model you have. I've had a look at the compatibility chart and it seems that the 320 model is more suitable. Although I don't know the model year of your Qashquai.
Regarding the frame compatibility, you can rotate the blue clamps by 90 degrees to get an optimal fit especially on the seat tube part of the frame rather than using the top tube. For certain bikes, a cross bar adapater is required.
Please return the rack to your local store for a refund or an exchange if required.
Peter, Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
It will damaged your paint work
Used for עד שבוע
It is good solid easy to put one (take about 20min). My bike is voodoo minestor it struggle to fit it between the bars. With little bit wigglyng it fit but touch up the car . It is not working for heavy bikes. My is about 15kg.
תגובת המותג
Thank you for your comments regarding this rack. With modern MTB's with bars in excess of 720mm width, it is commonly advised that you turn them 90 degrees (using an allen key) so that they are parallel with your bike, this avoids any contact between the car and the bike. Particularly important with boot mounted racks. As a secondary note, the blue clamps on the rack can be adjusted and rotated to get the best fit for your bike. For example you can clamp it on your seat tube and the other under the downtube. Many possibilities.
If after all of the above you are not satisfied with your rack, please feel free to return it to us for an exchange with your receipt.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Time wasted!
Used for עד שבוע
I spent the best part of 2 hours fitting this to my car. Imagine my disappointment and frustration when I found that the Btwin Rockmaster 500 won't fit over the bars!! Surely it would be an idea to sell products that are compatible with your other products. I shall be returning this for a refund.
תגובת המותג
I'm sorry to read that the rack does not fit your bike. This has not been fed back to us before for this model. You can resolve this by loosening and adjusting the clamps which secure the bike to the rack. You can then fit one clamp under the down or top tube by the headset and then the other can be angled at 90 degrees and clamp onto the seat tube (not seat post). This works fine and holds the bike securely in place. Same technique for small frame bikes or kids bikes for example.
Give this a go before returning it. If no joy, then of course bring it back.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Brilliant bike carrier
Used for עד שבוע
Really impressed with these. Half the price of a similar model at Halfords. Good clear instructions. Went round Scotland on a camping trip, with three bikes, lots of bumpy, hilly roads, cattle grids, passing places etc. Bikes didn’t budge an inch. Not a mark on the car after removal either. Can’t wait to go again. Brilliant!
Great on Nissan Qashqai ; Struggling with Audi Q3
Used for שנתיים +
We have owned this product for a few years now - It has been a great product when we had used with our old car Nissan Qashqai. Very secure and stable even on long journeys.

We have now changed cars and I am struggling to get enough information on how this could fit an Audi Q3. I have a tried a few combinations and certainly not sure about its stability. I will try a few more times and if still not happy may have to buy a different process
תגובת המותג
Thank you for letting us know about the issue you have with the rack and its compatibility with your Audi Q3.
Indeed, I can confirm that this item is not compatible with your car. You can view the compatibility chart here: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/ecuk/static/images/cycling-bike-rack/cycling_bike_rack_300.pdf
I have also checked the compatibility of the popular Thule Clip on models and they are not compatible with your car either.
In fact after further investigation, it seems that your car is not compatible with any rear mounted bike carriers. You will need to investigate the use of either a towbar or roof mounted system if you wish to transport your bikes.
I hope this has been of some assistance.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
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