900 Inner Tube Repair Kit



מיועד ל removing your tyre and quickly repairing and re-inflating your inner tube.
Bike repair kit. Also allows you to inflate one inner tube.

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CompatibilityCompatible with Presta and Schrader valves.
Ease of useThe precision head delivers a constant and effective air flow while inflating.
CapacityTyre levers, 16g CO₂ cartridge, scraper, patches and inflation head.
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שאלות ותשובות

Inflating efficiency
A 16 g canister of CO₂ will provide the following pressure levels depending on the type of tyre:ROAD 700x23C: 9 bar/130 PSI 700x25C: 7.5 bar/108 PSI 700x28C: 6 bar/87 PSIMountain 29" x 2.1": 2.1 bar/30 PSI 26" x 2.4": 1.8 bar/26 PSI 26" x 1.95": 2.7 bar/ 39 PSI 24" x 2": 2.9 bar / 42 PSI 20" x 2": 3.3 bar / 48 PSI
How to patch your inner tube
1. Locate the hole on the inner tube. 2. Rub the surface where the patch will be applied using the scraper. 3. Degrease, clean and dry the surface. 4. Place the patch over the centre of the hole and press down hard for at least 1 minute.
Instructions for use
Inflation: 1. Screw the canister into the head piece in order to pierce the canister and make it ready for use. 2. Hold the canister by the plastic protective part to protect your hands from the canister cooling down while inflating. 3. Position the head piece onto the valve very straight and push firmly to insert the valve into the head and release the air.
Pro tips
When inflating, push the outside of the tyre (at the valve) with your other hand. The aim is to prevent the valve from receding into the tyre when pushing the inflation nozzle down.
Patches: Optimal lifespan:5 years at room temperature (16-22°C, 30-70% water), away from direct light, in its packaging. Minimum temperature for repairs: +10°C Temperature for use: -40°C to +65°CTube of liquid cement: Store closed, away from heat sources (highly flammable) Optimal lifespan: - 5 years unopened - 6 months after opening if firmly closed
מידע נוסף
1 CO₂ canister, 6 self-adhesive patches, 1 scraper, 1 universal inflation head piece that maintains the pressure for several months after opening the canister, 2 tyre levers

מבחן מוצר
Tested and approved by a panel of 20 young cyclists. 100% effective when the repair is performed correctly (watch our video before repairing your tyre).

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WARNING! Contains pressurised gas, may explode in high heat. Store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
סדר לפי
Just in case
Used for עד שבוע
I’ve not had the misfortune of having to use yet but it fits snug under seat in bag with spare inner tube.
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