Arpenaz 50 Mid Nature Men's Hiking Boots.



מיועד ל half-day hiking in dry weather conditions and on easy paths. For occasional use
Its rubber sole prolongs its lifespan and ensures better grip on the ground. With its mid upper, these boots enable you to hike in full confidence.
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GripRubber sole with 4 mm lugs.
CushioningCS heel shock absorption system: durable and high-performance.
FitMid upper with 1 hook on the top: good foot support.
Lightweight420 g in size 8.
אחריות2 שנים
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Field tests
All our shoes undergo comfort and use tests carried out by users who are representative of our target market, in conditions identical to those found in typical use. Our Field Test Missions team the product manager up with people who are unaffiliated with Quechua, to test, improve and validate our products.
Laboratory tests were conducted to test the following elements: Tearing of the eyelets and straps, stitching, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion of the sole and the components of the upper, accelerated ageing.
What shoe size do I choose?
For hiking, do try a size about your usual one to ensure optimum comfort when going downhill and to prevent your toes from touching the top of the shoe. Recommendation: keep your toenails short and before any descent, check that your lacing will prevent your foot from sliding forwards towards the front of the shoe.
מידע נוסף
- Upper made of 50% recycled polyester - rubber sole - cushioning EVA heel insert.

מבחן מוצר
All our shoes are tested for initial comfort and comfort in use by typical users and under the same conditions you find in use. Our Missions Tests link the product manager up with people who are not affiliated to Quechua to test, develop and approve the products.

טיפים לאחסון
Store in a dark, dry and well-ventilated place.

טיפים לאחזקה ושימור
Wash in soapy water with a soft brush. Do not machine wash. Leave them to air dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry near a source of heat.
סדר לפי
Not recommended to hiking in wet weather
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
I’ve been hiking in this boots on wet weather and the boots didn’t meet my criteria at all.
I was sliding almost on each step on wet ground with was awful and uncomfortable.
But for the flat ground it’s ok.
not waterproof
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
nice lightweight shoe but terrible waterproofing feet got wet walking in wet grass
תגובת המותג
Hello Gregory 
Thank you for your review of the Arpenaz 50 Nature hiking shoe. Unfortunately, these boots are not designed for wet conditions as they are not waterproof. We do however have a selection of waterproof hiking boots and shoes. I recommend visiting your local Decathlon and speaking to a local expert to find the best product for your needs. 


Quechua UK Product Expert
Good kit good value
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
Good kit good value
Not waterproof
Used for בין 3-6 חודשים
Comfy, lightweight, good quality sole but not at all waterproof. Feet got wetter than they would in normal trainers. Useful for dry weather walking. Quality seems good apart from not being waterproof.
Excellent value
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
I was a little dubious paying only 13 pound for some walking shoes ,but after Christmas finds were right and my pants were getting tight too! Something has to be done ! I have been on a few walks now in the shoes and they have performed alot better than their price would suggest they would. Very comfy when out doing some woodland walking.
Spot on
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
Kept my feet warm and most importantly dry
Arpenaz 50 Hiking Boots
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
Bought as a cheaper item of footwear through the winter months.Used during the recent snowfall,no problem with grip.The tongue could possibly be 'longer' to stop the laces riding over.Satisfied with the shoes for the price.
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