OWS100 M** 1/0 mm Swimming Suit



מיועד ל swimmers who swim outdoors in water temperatures above 20°C
The men's outdoor swimming wetsuit for temperate waters keeps you warm when swimming, whilst providing excellent freedom of movement.
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Freedom of movementStretch coated mesh fabric on the arms for ease of movement
Thermal insulation1.5 and 1.8 mm neoprene and anti-windchill coated mesh, comfortable from 20°C
BuoyancyNeoprene at torso and crotch to aid buoyancy
Easy dressingStretch panels at the ankles and wrists. Zip fastening at the back
Anatomic designOpen water swimming suit that perfectly fits the wearer's body shape
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Recommendations for use
To avoid rubbing at the neck and other areas, apply Vaseline or a mixture of 50% Vaseline and 50% Lanolin.
AQUATHERMIC technology:
AQUATHERMIC components integrate thermal features to reduce thermal shock when entering the water, and also reduces the duration and intensity of the wind chill effect* when getting out of the water. It also improves body thermal insulation from the outdoors to enable you to swim longer in cold conditions.
Thermal insulation:
Moreover, AQUATHERMIC fabrics retain a thin layer of water between the skin and the fabric that will naturally warm up with body heat.
Reducing the windchill effect*:
Our AQUATHERMIC fabrics absorb very little water from their outer surface, providing a windproof effect. The dual action of windproofing and quick drying reduces the amount of time and the intensity of evaporation of the water retained on the garment's surface, which otherwise makes you shiver when you get out of the pool.
מידע נוסף
Main fabric : 100.0% Rubber - Chloropren (CR) - Neopren Inner fabric : 87.0% Polyamide, Inner fabric : 13.0% Elasthane Outer fabric : 87.0% Polyamide, Outer fabric : 13.0% Elasthane Yoke (General) : 84.0% Polyester (PES), Yoke (General) : 16.0% Elasthane

טיפים לאחסון
Store swim suit in a dry place.
סדר לפי
first use experience at 15C
Used for עד שבוע
I used the wetsuit today for a 1.8k swim at 15C. The suit seems comfortable, didn't notice great buoyancy but I was not looking for this. All I wanted was a suit that would let me swim long distances at these kind of temperatures. For this purpose it is great. However, the material that was in touch with the back of my neck rubbed really badly and now I have a painful burn. If feels like I have been badly sunburned. Next time I will apply some cream on the back of my neck before I go out and swim.
Comment for 1mm material and model OW 1mm
Used for בין 3-6 חודשים
Design is great, dressing is for experienced :)
Propulsion is great !
I have experience with scuba suits and... I know what can I expect from 0.5 or 1mm.
Hm.... We though, there is no 1mm suit as good as we want to be...
But here it is !
Thanks to Nabaiji
Used for שנה +
Provides no insulation at all and mine ripped 3rd time out. Paid the full price and not happy
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