Optimum Protect Horse and Pony Overreach Boots Twin-Pack - Brown



מיועד ל horses with the habit of injuring their bulbs and coronets. 
Durable, reinforced rear section. New, looser fit.

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צפייה בכל החנויות

Impact protectionThe reinforced rear section stabilises the boot and absorbs impacts.
User comfortSoft fabric that won't let your horse overheat.
Ease of useEasy to fit and remove thanks to the rip-tab fastening.
Easy maintenanceMachine washable.
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שאלות ותשובות

Check out our video: "How to use Optimum overreach boots"
Care advice
Clean the overreach boots after every use (either with a brush or under running water) to remove any sand or mud. Caring for your equipment properly will make it more comfortable for the horse and help prevent injuries and irritation.
מידע נוסף
polyester coated outer, neoprene padding, polyamide jersey lining.

טיפים לאחסון
Leave to dry before putting away in a clean and well ventilated place.

טיפים לאחזקה ושימור
after brushing, wash in soapy water and rinse.
סדר לפי
Very good product
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
These are made from a very hard wearing material but are soft enough not to rub. Would thoroughly recommend.
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