Biotine Horse Riding Feed Supplement For Horse/Pony 600g





Biotine Horse Riding Feed Supplement For Horse/Pony 600g

מיועד ל giving the horse's coat more shine and strengthening the corn of the horse's hoofs.
Stimulates/improves the growth and quality of the corn and coat. 1 tub is equal to 1 months' treatment for a horse.

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Vitamin and mineral contentContains biotine.
FlavourMini pellets, anise flavour.
Ease of useCan be easily mixed into the horse's daily feed.Measuring scoop included.
שאלות ותשובות

Made in France.
Instructions for use
Horses weighing over 500kg (over 1.6m tall, approx): 2 doses, or 20 ml per day, for one month. 1 tub = 1 treatment.
Use advice
The corn grows by 7 to 10mm per month. For a complete renewal of the corn, continue the treatment for 2 to 12 months. Best before: / Batch no.: see date on tub.
מידע נוסף
Compositioncalcium carbonate (28%), dicalcium phosphate (20%), whey (13.6%), beer yeast (3%). Analytical constituents: calcium 15 %, phosphorus 4 %, sodium 0%, Additives (per kg): biotine 2000 mg, zinc (oxide et chelate) 18000 mg, copper (sulphate and chelate) 5000 mg, methionine 100000 mg, lecithin 70000 mg.

טיפים לאחסון
Close properly after use. Store in a cool dry place.

טיפים לאחזקה ושימור
Best before: / Batch no.: see details on packaging. Use quickly after opening.
סדר לפי
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
Easy to feed horse eats her feed no issues
can see a lovely shine coming on her coat and only been using a short while, will be buying again and feeding her this from now on.

Great value for money too but would be better if given the option to buy bigger sizes say 1kg
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