LUPIN raw 3KG carp fishing seed





LUPIN raw 3KG carp fishing seed

מיועד ל carp fishing in freshwater.
Excellent bait - very attractive with specific appeal.

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FlavourStimulates the fishes' appetites.
Easy assembly / dismantlingThe pellets have a hole, making them easy to attach..
PalatabilityThe texture is perfectly suited to carp fishing.
שאלות ותשובות

Tested by our teams, this product preserves all its qualities for 2 years (best before 24 months subsequent to product manufacture). The hard pellets can be used as ground bait or hook bait.
1 kg mixture (1.5 L).An assortment of differently-sized cooked tiger nuts which can be used with soluble bags.
Plastic pot: 16.4 cm x 12 cm
Weight3 kg
מידע נוסף
טיפים לאחסון
Store in a cool, dry place.
סדר לפי
tiger nut
Used for בין 2-8 שבועות
great product at a great price. fast service will use company again
Tiger nuts had all sort of bits in
Used for עד שבוע
I have had fishing bits from yourselves with no problems till this order. Didn't know the bag was already open till I put it on my van seat and it went everywhere not happy. I found as well as Tiger nuts there was also a lot of other plant bits not nuts.
Quality product
Used for שנתיים +
Very good quick service
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