Bike Chain/Derailleur Lubricant



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Made for lubricating drivetrains (chains, cassettes, derailleurs) in wet weather. Also suitable for protecting the screws.

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Corrosion resistanceProtects from rust in dry and wet weather
Noise levelLab measurement of the reduction in drivetrain noise, in decibels: -1dB.
Ease of useBreak-off cap.
Smooth pedallingThick texture. Reduces friction by 1W
Capacity125 ml
Warranty2 Years
Information / Concept / Technology
Our professional U19 PRO BIKE TEAM tests all of our care products to ensure absolute quality.

Product test
We test all of our oils in a certified laboratory so that we can give you accurate information about the properties of each model.

Maintenance tips
Regularly lubricating your chain helps prolong the life of your bike. Use after each cleaning/degreasing
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