Decathlon sees great importance in providing importance in providing quality and equitable services to the entire population, including people with disabilities.

Therefore, we put a lot of effort into accessing the company's stores and website to ensure a better shopping experience.


Accessibility adjustments in stores

Accessible for the hearing disabilities - an assistive loop system has been installed in stores. This system includes an external headset (to be used in case of hearing aid failure or T - mode deficiency in the hearing aid). To use this system, the hearing aid needs to switch to T mode or use the system's external headset

Accessibility of the website

The accessible menu is available; Clicking on the menu allows the access buttons to be opened.

We continue our efforts to improve site accessibility as much as possible, with the belief and moral commitment to enable the site to be used by the entire population, including people with disabilities.


For any questions or requests regarding accessibility, contact the accessibility coordinator Shiri Cohen Feldman

by email:

by phone: 052-6172130

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