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Speed Tennis Net 3 Metres

Not available online
Our design teams created this net for tennis instructors and families looking for a 3-metre net that can be set up very quickly.


Easy assembly / dismantling

Frame can be set up or taken down in just 20 seconds.


V-shaped frame and 4 plastic feet for good stability.


V-shaped frame and reinforced net for excellent durability and tension.

Easy transport

A net that's very compact for easy storage, and lightweight for easy transport!


How do you set up a tennis net in under 20 seconds?

Set up your 3-metre tennis net in just three steps:
- Unfold the net base on the ground
- Turn the net to have it above the base
- Pull the strap to stretch the net and adjust the height

Save time when setting up for your tennis lessons and taking everything down at the end of the day!

About the Speed 3 m tennis net

With its rounded base and short net width, the Speed 3-metre tennis net is not like any regular net. It's lightweight, quick and easy to set up!

The compact design when folded and low weight mean you can store it easily just about anywhere.


The 3-metre net has been approved by the International Tennis Federation and the "Play and Stay" programme.
It is designed for learning tennis on a small court with red balls (Stage 3).


The 3-metre tennis net is 3 metres long with an adjustable height of 50 to 80 cm.


The 3-meter speed tennis net was designed in collaboration with our partner clubs.
With its largely reinforced mesh, it is designed to withstand the most demanding stresses.
Comes with a 5-year warranty.